RESORTES GALICIA, S.L. (hereinafter, RESORTES GALICIA) is a company dedicated to the manufacture of all types of compression, traction or torsion springs in carbon, stainless or alloy steel, both round and in shape sections.

The mission of RESORTES GALICIA is to satisfy to the maximum the requirements of our clients and other interested parties, current and potential, offering high quality springs with competitive costs and complying with the agreed delivery deadlines.

RESORTES GALICIA intends to be a leader in its sector within the Autonomous Community of Galicia both for the quality of our docks and for customer service; and become a reference company in a more global market, for which we will continue with our policy of investments in new technologies, enhancing the loyalty of our customers and the identification of employees with the company and its objectives.

That is why in RESORTES GALICIA we have opted for the adoption of a management model based on the UNE-EN ISO 9001 Standard, which is based on the following guidelines, which are in turn the reference framework for the establishment of our objectives and goals:

  • Customers are our reason for being, so we must know them, detect their needs and meet them, through direct contact that allows us to evaluate their perception of our products and thus be able to continuously improve them;
  • Comply with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our activity;
  • Incorporate new technologies to the provision of our services, to the extent possible;
  • Provide a homogeneous service and systematize processes and methodologies of action;
  • Encourage internal communication in order to promote a participatory environment among our workers and involve them in achieving quality objectives;
  • Promote training at all levels in order to have trained, professional and collaborative personnel;
  • Strengthen relationships with suppliers to achieve mutually beneficial collaboration;
  • Consider the continuous improvement of quality a permanent objective, which increases the quality perceived by our customers and other interested parties.

The Management System Policy is disseminated to all interested parties through the organization’s website: www.resortesgalicia.com. In addition, another copy is placed on the bulletin boards of RESORTES GALICIA. In this way, RESORTES GALICIA ensures that the Management System Policy is accessible to all company personnel and other interested parties.

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